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The future has come
We have learned to diagnose breast cancer with an accuracy of 96% 

According to statistics, every 8th woman in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer

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Breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer and is the 1st cause of death among women.

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Why it is important to know in advance?

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In the world there is a solution,
but not the best

The limitations of existing diagnostic methods:

  • Insufficient efficiency of existing biomarkers
  • Painfulness and invasiveness (biopsy, colonoscopy, mammography)
  • High cost and availability of queues (PET scan)
  • Negative impact (x-ray)


Breast cancer treatment is most effective at early stages of tumor development.

The introduction into the medical practice of a screening test that is capable to detect any form of breast cancer at an early stage with the accuracy higher than 90% will help reduce the mortality rate in case of this disease and may become “the golden standard”.


ARNA Genomics has created the following product


ARNA Breast Cancer test kit
ARNA-BC is a screening method for early diagnosis of breast cancer that is based on the analysis of DNA sequence of specific genes, which amount is higher in the blood plasma of breast cancer patients.
The test detects hormone-dependent and hormone-independent forms of breast cancer:

  • Luminal A
  • Luminal B
  • Her2/neu
  • Triple-negative



How it works?


Tumor cells don’t only grow, but also decay. The decay products, including DNA, are released into the bloodstream. With the help of the set of ARNA-BC reagents we can analyze the index of DNA sequence of six genes by the real time PCR method.

The amplification of the DNA fragments is carried out in real-time mode with the use of fluorescence-labelled DNA-probes, each of which contains fluorophore FAM at the 5-edge oligonucleotide and quencher BHQ at the 3-edge. The amplification is accompanied by the destruction of the DNA-probe by exonuclease activity of Taqpolymerase and the increase in the general fluorescence of the PCR mixture. The detection of the accumulation of the PCR product is carried out in every cycle in accordance with the accumulation of the fluorescence of fluorophore in the reaction that is recorded by the device detector.

Patent protection

Below you can find the list of major steps towards the realization of IP protection measures :

  • 2017: acquisition of patent 1 in RFA for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, acquisition
    of approval by request of РСТ.
  • 2017: preparation and filing of application for Patent #2.
  • 2018 – 2020: national phases in the USA, Germany, France, England, Israel, for Patents 1 and 2

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